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    by Representative Louie Gohmert

    Posted on 2013-01-15

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    GOHMERT. Mr. Speaker, it is a pleasure to get to know you better all the time and to be serving with you.

    I enjoyed hearing my friends talking about the economy and things that are going on. So I wanted to address a few things. I didn't come over here and plan to address what they had, but they were mentioning their hope for us, bringing our troops home from Afghanistan. And having been there a few times, having talked to the former allies that this administration has thrown under the bus that initially defeated the Taliban for us with less than 500, possibly less than 300 embedded Special Forces, special ops, and intelligence personnel embedded with the Northern Alliance, they defeated the Taliban in about 3 or 4 months.

    Then we added troops and became occupiers. Occupiers in that part of the world don't do well. Someone reminded me of what I already knew, that Alexander the Great conquered that area around Afghanistan, and I had to remind them that he died on his way out of the area. I don't consider that a great victory.

    Nonetheless, we helped give the Afghans a government and sharia law, making it difficult for Jews and Christians to reside in a country where they once had. Under this administration's watch, like I say, we've thrown our allies under the bus, and the Taliban has come back almost strong as ever, not quite. Some of my Northern Alliance friends told me in one of our visits over there that on national television last year, the Taliban leader that this administration released for humanitarian purposes from Gitmo didn't seem to be having health problems and was on national television and was making clear that the U.S. would be withdrawing in the next year or two, and that when they did the Taliban would be back in charge as they were before. So it was time to come beg forgiveness from the Taliban and ask for their protection under sharia law.

    That doesn't sound like we're going to be in a whole lot better position after all the losses of life, all of the servicemembers who have laid down their lives in Afghanistan, who continue to do that as we speak because the Commander in Chief has them there without any real mission laying down their lives. As one of our troops told me, ``I don't mind laying down my life for my country, but please don't waste it.'' They're not laying down their lives for a wishy-washy government that can't figure out what it wants to do, that leaves our military without a clear mission, that allows the Taliban to come back stronger than ever, supplied and funded in part from Pakistan. They deserve better. They deserve much better.

    Our Commander in Chief was on television yesterday talking about the debt limit, the debt ceiling. He's talked about our economy. I think it's worth noting that since 1923, the President was required to furnish a budget and a time deadline given for furnishing that budget. Ninety years. Ninety years, the President is required by law to furnish a budget.

    Since 1923, those ensuing 90 years, there have apparently been 11 times when presidents have been unable to [[Page H161]] get the budget to Congress as required by law. For some of those 11, there were very good reasons. But it's interesting to note in the last 90 years, out of the 11 times that the budget from the President has been late, 4 of those 11 have been under the Obama administration.

    We're also informed that there is a chance once again, as there was a year and a half ago, that our credit rating of the U.S. could be lowered again by another credit rating agency. Some have tried to paint it as a different story, a different picture. But for those of us who recall what happened, S&P made it clear that they didn't believe that the United States was serious about dealing with this dramatic overspending problem, where we were spending $1.5 trillion, $1.6 trillion, over a trillion dollars more than the 2-plus trillion dollars that we had coming in. And that if we didn't at least reduce the massive overspending annually by at least $400 billion for 10 years, a total of $4 trillion over a 10-year period, then it would make it pretty clear that we were not serious about dealing with our debt.

    {time} 2100 I know the Obama administration went on the warpath after the S&P credit rating was lowered. Personally, I think it's to S&P's credit that they did what they said. We came in with a debt ceiling bill that was agreed to with the administration. It had some sequestration in it with the supercommittee that some of us knew wasn't going to work because the Democrats had made it clear they didn't want a supercommittee to work because they wanted to be able to campaign and say, Gee, cuts are coming to Medicare because the Republicans were trying to protect their rich friends. It worked very well. They wouldn't reach an agreement. Even after somebody like a Republican Senator had a proposal to raise new revenue, a couple of Democrats were reported as saying that this was going to be the breakthrough that allowed an agreement. After consulting with the President, to Harry Reid it apparently was made clear we don't want to deal. No, no deal, so there was no deal, and now the sequestrations are about to take place.

    Mr. Speaker, what time did I start? The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gentleman has 22 minutes remaining.

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