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  • Addressing Gun Violence in Our Communities

    by Representative Marcia L. Fudge

    Posted on 2015-12-11

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    FUDGE of ohio in the house of representatives Friday, December 11, 2015 Ms. FUDGE. Mr. Speaker, I am sick and tired of people talking about gun violence as if it is just another headline or topic of the day. While we tend to discuss gun violence because it occurs so frequently in our country, another debate is not enough.

    How many Americans do we have to bury before gun violence stops? What will it take for every Member of this House to consider gun safety laws? And, when will we stop talking about the lives lost and take real action to save our constituents before their names are called before a moment of silence? It is clear that there is a culture of violence pervading our society. It is crippling us at our core: tearing families apart and hurting communities. Perpetrators are cutting off generations at the head and ending lives way too soon.

    Gun violence is a crisis of murder. We need to call it what it is. We must figure out how to stop people from killing other people and get guns out of the hands of those that do not need them.

    Proponents of gun rights say that there is an absolute right to bear arms. I disagree. All rights are subject to reasonable restrictions. But what is absolute, is that Americans have the right to leave their homes without being shot. All Americans deserve to live free from fear.

    But, every day Congress does not act, we lose more innocent children, men and women. Every day we do nothing, we forfeit more lives.

    I call on my colleagues in Congress to pass comprehensive, national gun policies that eliminate loopholes, ban assault weapons, and place limits on high-capacity magazines. Several bills have been introduced in the House this year. I have co-sponsored many. Yet, none have made it to the House Floor.

    This is unacceptable. We have to protect the lives of our constituents.

    It saddens me that we are still just talking about gun safety. We did the same after Sandy Hook and Newtown. We reacted similarly following Aurora, Charleston, Oregon, [[Page E1776]] and now San Bernardino. And, discussions continue after each tragic instance of gun violence in our districts.

    We are complicit in this violence if we fail to strengthen our gun laws and combat other reasons these murders continue. Comprehensive gun control may not be a panacea, but it is indeed a good start. It is time to take action. Let's make our streets safer for all Americans.


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