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    Posted on 2015-12-10

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    BROWN. Mr. President, I wish to honor today the distinguished career of Dr. Carl Zulauf on the occasion of his retirement from the faculty of the Ohio State University.

    Raised on a farm himself, Carl's passion for agriculture began at an early age. His family's diversified farm raised livestock and crops. His connection to the land has remained a common thread throughout his life and career, and Carl hopes to use his retirement as an opportunity to refocus on his family's farm.

    With the seeds of interest firmly planted, Carl pursued his education in what he knew best: agriculture. First, where he earned a degree in Agricultural Economics at the Ohio State University and later at Stanford University where he obtained his PhD. Dr. Zulauf credits his upbringing on a farm as the foundation for his interest in strengthening our Nation's domestic farming and the special appreciation he has for the issues facing American farmers and the agricultural sector.

    Since 1980, Carl had been a pillar of OSU's College of food, agricultural, and environmental sciences. The depth and breadth of his research portfolio is impressive and includes dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles and over 1,000 articles developed for broader public consumption. Not just a researcher, Carl is a dedicated educator. Thousands of students have benefited from his teaching, leadership, and mentoring. Carl served as academic adviser to more than 200 students. For over a decade, he has been a faculty adviser for Ohio State's SPHINX Senior Honorary--which each year pays tribute to 24 students who ``embody the highest ideals of scholarship, leadership, camaraderie, citizenship, and service at The Ohio State University.'' Additionally, he has helped organize programs with students to travel to China and the Czech Republic to study agriculture. As a professor, his interest in his students can be seen by the large number of farmers across my State that talk about their time in Dr. Zulauf's classroom. The dozens of accolades that have been awarded to him throughout his tenure at OSU serve as witness to his impact as both a teacher and scholar. Carl's many contributions are a reminder that the values of the SPHINX-- service, camaraderie, leadership, and scholarship--are not solely the domain of OSU's students.

    Beyond his exemplary work as a researcher and educator, Carl has been an engaged member of both Ohio's and the broader agriculture community. He has been a leader in the Ohio agribusiness community, taking part in a number of strategic planning committees. He continues to be a regular contributor to FarmDoc, a project of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which serves as an online resources for farmers across the country.

    He inspired many students in his work at OSU, and one cannot fully understand Ohio's agricultural sector without knowing the name Carl Zulauf. However, his most noteworthy contribution to agriculture in the United States must be his work on farm policy. In 1985, Carl joined Senator John Glenn's office to help with agriculture policy, an experience he described as eye-opening. With his academic background and experience growing up on a farm, Carl brought an informed and diverse perspective. Though he went back to teaching following his time in Washington, Carl's time in Senator Glenn's office left an indelible mark and would guide his work on agriculture policy in the decades to come.

    One pivotal example of Carl's work on agriculture policy was for the 2008 farm bill with the development of the Average Crop Revenue Election, ACRE, program, which represented a novel approach to risk management for our Nation's farmers. Carl worked with my office in 2008, as well as the office of Senator Durbin, to draft legislation that would become the ACRE program. ACRE was based on years of research and conversations with farmers and some of the best minds in our agriculture industry. My staff worked on ACRE which later became the ARC, Average Risk Coverage, program--legislation that I worked on with Senator Thune and which we were able to include the 2014 farm bill. Over 90 percent of our Nation's corn and soybean farmers choose to enroll in the ARC program which will serve as a crucial safety net for farmers at risk of low yields and was the first revenue-based rather than fixed-price program. The overwhelming participation in these programs serves as validation of Carl's work and cements his reputation as a key architect of our Nation's food and farm policy. Carl's fingerprints will be on agriculture policy for many future iterations of the farm bill.

    From his tenure as a motivating and engaging professor at OSU to the role and voice he continues to play in Ohio and across the Nation as a leading thinker on the future of our farm and food policy, Carl has served as a resource guide and mentor for many. Thousands of students have benefited from his teaching, and thousands of farmers will benefit from his work that has informed our Nation's agricultural policies. I wish him the best in his retirement and applaud his contributions to his profession and thank him for his service to America's farmers, his university, and our Nation. ____________________

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