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    by Senator Kelly Ayotte

    Posted on 2016-01-11

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    AYOTTE. Mr. President, today I wish to honor Lee, NH, a town in Strafford County that is celebrating the 250th anniversary of its founding. I am proud to join citizens across New Hampshire in recognizing this special milestone.

    Lee was originally settled in 1657 and was officially incorporated in 1766 by colonial Governor Benning Wentworth. In the century leading up to its incorporation, Lee was part of Durham and the Oyster River Plantation. Lee was also one of the last towns to be incorporated by Governor Wentworth.

    Wadleigh Falls, located in Lee, is a historic landmark and one of the oldest areas in New Hampshire to be inhabited by humans. Abenaki and Penacook tribes would come to the falls for hunting, fishing, and farming as far back as 8,000 years ago. Upon settlement, the Europeans would follow in the Native Americans' footsteps and use the falls to their economic advantage. The settlers started using this site in 1657, and the first mill was built in 1665. Mills in Lee processed timber, grain, leather, wooden buckets, and herbal medicines. Generous clay deposits and the town's lumber mill system allowed Lee to become a valued location for industry in the early history of the United States. The town's agricultural tradition has also been very important to Lee and its many farms that are still operating today.

    In addition to its agricultural advantages, Lee is also known for its unique landscape features including scenic plains, meadows, winding streams, brooks, and Wheelwright Pond, named after Reverend John Wheelwright.

    Today Lee's students and families enjoy an exceptional education system, thanks in large part to a tradition of learning and knowledge that has long been ingrained in the community. The Oyster River Cooperative School District is consistently regarded as one of the top school districts in the State of New Hampshire.

    The town's population has grown from 1,029 residents in 1790 to over 4,300 in 2013. The people of Lee have a strong commitment to the spirit of community and volunteerism as evidenced by the hard work and dedication of residents involved with the planning of many events to celebrate the town's 250th anniversary.

    Lee and its residents have greatly contributed to the life and growth of New Hampshire. I ask my colleagues to join me in extending congratulations to the people of Lee as they celebrate the town's 250th anniversary. ____________________

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