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    by Senator John Boozman

    Posted on 2014-12-12

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    BOOZMAN. Madam President, I rise today to congratulate the Reed family for earning the distinction of 2014's Arkansas Farm Family of the year.

    This honor reflects the dedication of Nathan and Kristin Reed to farming and the importance they play in Arkansas's number one industry. Nathan is a fourth-generation farmer. I know that he will pass along his passion for farming to the couple's young children; 2-year-old twins Stanley ``Eldon'' and Jane-Anne and 1-year-old Katherine.

    The Reeds farm cotton, corn and soybeans on their Lee County farm where they emphasize conservation and sustainability. Using variable rate technology for applying fertilizer and irrigation wells and center pivot systems run off electric power, they save energy. Nathan is also constantly learning about different crops and crop rotating practices by experimenting on the farm.

    The Reeds are not only committed to farming and producing safe supplies of food and fiber to the world, but they are also committed to their community. Nathan serves on numerous boards and committees.

    As a long-time friend of the Reed family I understand the importance of farming, agriculture and community involvement that Nathan's father Stanley and his mother Charlene encouraged. Nathan is following in their footsteps. They were named the Lee County Farm Family of the Year in 1984.

    The Arkansas Farm Bureau's program honors farm families across the State for their outstanding work both on their farms and in their communities. This recognition is a reflection of the contribution to agriculture at the community and State level and its implications for improved farm practices and management. The Reeds are well-deserving of this honor.

    I congratulate Nathan, Kristin, Stanley, Jane-Anne and Katherine on their outstanding achievements in agriculture and ask my fellow colleagues to join me in honoring them for this accomplishment. I wish them continued success in their future endeavors and look forward to the contributions they will continue to will offer Arkansas farming and agriculture. ____________________

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