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    by Senator David Vitter

    Posted on 2015-01-30

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    VITTER. Madam President, many of our Nation's small businesses are well-regarded for their ability to truly showcase the local culture, food, and heritage. Small businesses have a unique perspective and opportunity to take advantage of local recipes, ingredients, and flavor profiles that allow them to provide regional favorites for residents and tourists. Without a doubt, one of the most remarkable aspects of Louisiana is our delicious, extraordinary cuisine. This week, I would like to recognize this truly special piece of Louisiana culture by honoring Billy's Boudin & Cracklin of Krotz Springs, LA, as the Small Business of the Week.

    South Louisiana has created its own genre of Louisiana cooking. With traditions and recipes handed down through the generations, the charm and flavor of Acadiana is undeniable. Billy's Boudin & Cracklin was originally founded in 1995 as a convenience store. It was not long, however, before Billy Frey and his father-in-law decided they needed to incorporate something in their store to set them apart from the competition. The brilliant addition of a family boudin recipe bolstered the success of their store to what we know today. Two short years later, Billy expanded their thriving business to the nearby city of Opelousas and purchased a popular local grocery store, Ray's, to establish Billy and Ray's Boudin. Maintaining the local charm, the Frey's purchased Ray's secret boudin recipe and added it right onto the new store's menu.

    Recently, the business expanded once again to the ``Boudin Capitol of the World'' in Scott, LA. What started out as a small convenient store has turned into a regional favorite, with over 3,000 pounds of boudin made daily between the three stores. In addition to the original boudin links, Billy's offers boudin in the form of balls, pistollettes, rollups, and sandwiches. They also have shipping options so nonlocals can enjoy authentic Cajun boudin and cracklins from across the country. The Boudin Balls have become a signature of the business, with around 1.7 million of the regular and pepperjack-filled balls sold yearly. The famous boudin recipe is so coveted that [[Page S673]] only a select few people are in the know. In fact, this is taken so seriously that each member of the staff must sign confidentiality agreements before learning the family secret.

    After 20 years of thriving business in the area, it is no surprise that the Lafayette Daily Advertiser awarded Billy's Boudin & Cracklin as one of the ``Best Boudin'' places in their annual ``Best of Acadiana'' contest last year. It is great to see small businesses like this share our State's rich traditions with both Louisianians and nonlocals. Congratulations again to Billy's Boudin & Cracklin for being honored as this week's Small Business of the Week. I look forward to trying their delicious boudin soon. ____________________

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