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    Academic Competition Resolution of 2013

    by Former Representative Robert E. Andrews

    Posted on 2013-02-26

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    ANDREWS asked and was given permission to revise and extend his remarks.) Mr. ANDREWS. I congratulate the chairwoman and my friend, Mr. Brady, for bringing to the floor very good legislation that recognizes the value of the best and brightest young Americans competing in the fields of math, science, and innovation.

    But America is not going to compete very well if we don't solve the budget sequester that surrounds us here today. We're in a global economic competition where we will fall behind if we do not act by this Friday. Beginning this Friday, according to economists, a conservative estimate of the number of jobs lost in our country will be 750,000. There are those who believe that the job loss may exceed 2 million jobs.

    Now, ladies and gentlemen of the House, there is a proposal in the well before the House that would postpone this job loss. Mr. Van Hollen has offered a proposal that would postpone the sequester and save these jobs and still reduce our deficit by cutting subsidies to huge oil companies who do not need those subsidies, by cutting subsidies to huge agribusinesses who do not need those subsidies, by saying that people who make more than $2 million a year should pay a rate of taxation that does not let them exploit loopholes and other deductions.

    To date, with the sequester looming, the majority in this House has done nothing to address this problem--not one bill, not one hour, not one debate, not one vote. So we have an alternative, and with this looming problem facing the people of the country, I believe that should be the order of business of the House today.

    Mr. Van Hollen's bill would end the sequester and reduce the deficit; so I therefore ask unanimous consent that the House bring up H.R. 699 at this time.

    The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under the guidelines consistently issued by successive Speakers, as recorded on page 752 of the House Rules Manual, the Chair is constrained not to entertain the gentleman's request unless it has been cleared by the bipartisan floor and committee leaderships.

    Mr. ANDREWS. Parliamentary inquiry, Mr. Speaker.

    The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gentleman will state it.

    Mr. ANDREWS. Is the result of the Chair's ruling that the House will not be able to vote on a bill to end the sequester at this time? The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Chair cannot entertain the gentleman's unanimous-consent request at this time.

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