About The Constituent

We make it easier to track your representatives.

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What we're all about.

Our mission is to provide people the tools to connect with their governments and to be better represented by them. With Congress job ratings at all time lows and re-election rates at an expected high, we believe there's a problem and our tools are the solution.

The first step is to track your representatives more effiectively. The vote of the constituent is what keeps people in office; we believe that if citizens knew more about how their representatives vote, they will either approve of their jobs or find someone more suitable.

The second step is to replace the poorly performing representatives with new candidates and new ideas. Our campaigns feature will allow you to support your current representatives and their rivals throughout election season.

So, who are our sponsors?

This website is run by The Constituent, LLC., a for-profit company and as such has no political sponsors. Our products are funded by our ability to monitize the website using advertisements and our donation platform. Future investors will be vetted for their political affiliations to ensure this platform remains nonpartisan.

Our committment to Nonpartisanship.

Our goal isn't to blame any party or group for the negative perception of Congress. We simply think we can do better as a whole and that it's time to advance our goverment through technology. As such, we welcome all parties to this platform and only hope for better representation.