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    A Tribute to the People of the Thirty-Sixth District of Texas

    by Former Representative Steve Stockman

    Posted on 2014-12-11

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    STOCKMAN of texas in the house of representatives Thursday, December 11, 2014 Mr. STOCKMAN. Mr. Speaker, as I deliver my last speech as a Congressman for the 36th District of Texas, I want to begin by once again thanking the people of Southeast Texas for giving me the honor of representing them.

    Our oil produces everything from the gas you put in your car to the PVC in an antifracking bumper sticker. We build the spacecraft that explore the stars and the freighters that serve every port in the world. The 36th District's powerful economic reach goes around the world and even into space.

    But we in Southeast Texas aren't just known for giving birth to NASA and the world's oil industry. We are also known for fighting for what we believe in no matter the odds.

    I first came to Congress in 1995. The man I defeated was a 42-year incumbent, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and the most senior Democrat in Congress in one of the most heavily Democrat districts in America. The district had never in 100 years elected a Republican, and he remains the most senior member of Congress to have been defeated in a general election.

    I overcame similar odds to return here in 2012. We defeated the President of the Texas Senate in a district he had drawn for himself and was supposed to win without a runoff. We forced a runoff, without him in it, where I defeated a millionaire who outspent me 15 to 1.

    My election to this Congress had the lowest dollar-per-vote of any winning federal campaign in America, despite having to face three elections, two of which I was not favored to win.

    Those two victories over improbable odds prove anything is possible, if you know how to fight for it.

    I bring this up because this Congress faces a monumental fight. The very survival of our constitutional republic is in question.

    Will this Congress allow Barack Obama to centralize authority in the White House under an imperial Presidency, or will we take back our Constitutional Republic? Too many in this chamber are perfectly happy to let Obama render them irrelevant.

    I am not one of them. I didn't come here to settle in. I came here to upset things.

    I introduced several measures that would restore our congressional oversight and our constitutional republic.

    When Barack Obama used Executive Orders to violate the Second Amendment, I fought back. Working with Senator Rand Paul, I introduced the Restore the Constitution Act, which would nullify any executive action and prohibit funding of any action that oversteps the President's constitutional authority.

    I also introduced the Second Amendment Protection Act of 2013 to prohibit all UN funding as long as they continue to target peaceful gun owners, as well as the Safe Military Bases Act to allow our soldiers to carry firearms to stop terrorists.

    I introduced the first-ever Sanctity of Life Act in 1995, and brought it back to this Congress, to declare that life begins at conception and to end the tragedy of abortion.

    I introduced H. Res. 306, which would have forced a vote on establishing a Select Committee to investigate President Obama's bungled response to the terrorist attacks on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The public pressure created by that eventually led to a House investigation of the terrorist act.

    I introduced the Virtual Currency Tax Reform Act and the Cryptocurrency Protocol Protection and Moratorium Act to protect the emerging technologies of alternative currencies, which will eventually lead to greater prosperity and economic opportunity for all.

    And I introduced the Audit the Fed Act, to require transparency and accountability in the Federal Reserve System.

    I helped lead the battle against amnesty for illegal aliens in every possible way. I was able to block the 2013 Senate amnesty bill--which was on a fast track to passage--with the `blue slip' procedure, resulting in the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee declaring the bill in violation of the Constitution.

    This year I inspected and reported my findings about our porous border and the inhumane facilities which were used to house illegal alien children. In addition, my SECURITY Act would build the 2,000 mile border fence and eliminate many of the so-called magnet benefits, which would dramatically reduce if not halt illegal immigration.

    I also filed five resolutions seeking to force the President, Attorney General, Treasury Secretary, FEC Chairman and Defense Secretary to turn over all emails in their or in the NSA's possession which were sent to or from former IRS official Lois Lerner. Since then, the supposedly lost emails have been uncovered.

    The IRS' actions amount to a crime, and one that the highest official should be accountable for.

    These acts and resolutions are needed now more than ever, because these next two years will be among the most perilous in American history.

    As we saw in the ongoing IRS scandal, the left in America seems intent to use the government to target citizens who speak out.

    They did it to Ted Stevens. They did it to Tom DeLay. They're doing it to Rick Perry. And they will do it to you.

    This Congress and the next must rein in those activists who weaponize the government to target opponents.

    From the IRS to the EPA to the FEC, politicians are perverting the mission of federal agencies. Instead of administering laws passed by Congress, federal agencies are now used to target those whose ideas differ from those in power.

    This perversion of power extends to the targeting of law-abiding gun owners by political activists in the Justice Department, the targeting of landowners by political activists in the Interior Department and EPA, and the targeting of people of faith by virtually all federal agencies.

    Liberals are building an America where government is used to settle scores and stifle opposing ideas.

    Congress must fight back.

    We must protect, and restore the Second Amendment by repealing anti- gun laws and reining in a rogue Justice Department.

    We must protect the right to life by passing a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution and repealing Obamacare.

    We must protect a free economy by passing a REINS Act to take away the power of bureaucrats to make up and enforce their own laws, and by repealing all laws and government agencies not explicitly spelled out in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.

    And this Congress and the next must restore a Constitutional Presidency by taking back powers usurped by the White House and repealing all Executive Orders that defy the Constitution.

    Just because I won't be here in the well doesn't mean I won't continue to fight.

    And we must fight more ferociously than ever if we are to save this constitutional republic.

    It has been an honor to serve with you all. Thank you for this opportunity to speak, and I pray that the members of the 114th Congress will fight with fire in their bellies for the life of our Republic.


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