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  • A Tribute to Montrose’s 100Th Anniversary

    by Representative Adam B. Schiff

    Posted on 2013-02-15

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    SCHIFF of california in the house of representatives Friday, February 15, 2013 Mr. SCHIFF. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the community of Montrose, California upon its 100th Anniversary. For over a century, this extraordinary community has grown and thrived as the center of local commerce for residents of the Crescenta-Canada Valley.

    Montrose, literally meaning ``pink mountain'' in French, was named by French sailors enamored with the beautiful pink mountains that they could see from sea. The area was first inhabited by the Gabrielino- Tongva Indians and later settled by Don Jose Maria Verdugo who was awarded the land by the Spanish Crown. In 1913, the Holmes Watson real estate agency hosted an enormous barbeque to promote the new town of Montrose with the intention of garnering interest in the 300 acres of land available for auction. This is when the subdivision of Montrose took place. For the past century, Montrose has prospered, overcoming setbacks such as the flood of 1934. Recently, multiple bear sightings in the backyards of residents have brought Montrose to the public's attention.

    Montrose Avenue was built as the main business district of the community and touted as the widest road in Los Angeles County. Although this plan never came to fruition, nearby Honolulu Avenue became the economic center of Montrose and in 1967 the Montrose Shopping Park opened. To this day Montrose has flourished with nearly 200 independently owned businesses; some of which include apparel, art, dance studios, restaurants, and bakeries.

    Montrose has a diverse population of residents nestled in the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains and within a minute's drive of downtown Los Angeles. Every year, residents enjoy annual events such as the Montrose Christmas Parade, an Arts and Crafts Festival, and ceremonies honoring our veterans.

    I am honored to recognize Montrose, with its rich cultural history and flourishing community and ask all Members to join us in congratulating Montrose upon it 100th anniversary.


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