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  • A Moment of Tribute to the Life and Service of the Honorable Isaac Skelton

    by Representative Steny H. Hoyer

    Posted on 2013-10-30

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    HOYER asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Mr. HOYER. Mr. Speaker, we have just observed a moment of silence for Isaac Skelton. My good friend, Emanuel Cleaver, Ike's good friend, Senator McCaskill, Lacy Clay, and others who are here from the Missouri delegation, I want to rise with them, not in a moment of silence, but in a moment of tribute. We will perhaps have an opportunity to speak a longer time.

    Yesterday, many of us had the opportunity to participate in a memorial service for Tom Foley. Tom Foley was the Speaker of this House.

    A gentleman spoke who is, I think, one of the most revered members that has served in this body, Robert Michel. Bob Michel was Tom Foley's friend. Bob Michel was the leader of the Republican side of the aisle. They were friends, colleagues, and cooperated with one another to the benefit of this institution and its Members, and the Dean of the House adds, correctly, to the benefit of our country and all its citizens.

    Bob Michel observed the civility that each one of them displayed and the willingness to reach out across the aisle and to make things happen positively for our country and for our citizens.

    We lost another individual within the last weeks, Bill Young, who was a similar personality, and added luster to this Congress by his service and his civility.

    Major Owens was another whom we lost. Four people who made this institution a better place.

    Ike Skelton was my brother. He and I were Sigma Chi's. His son was a Sigma Chi. His father was a Sigma Chi. So we had a very special bond to start out with.

    In addition, his first wife, Susan, who died too early, as mine did, came out and knocked on doors for me, Mr. Speaker, in Bowie, Maryland, just down the road here a piece. So I had a special bond with Ike, but also an extraordinary great respect for the way he conducted himself as a representative of the people of his district in Missouri, and the respect that he gave to each of us and the respect that he received in return.

    How sad it is that these giants, Tom Foley, Bill Young, Ike Skelton, and, yes, Major Owens, passed from this body, passed from this life, but how joyful it is the extraordinary contributions each of them made to this House, which we should revere and love, the people's House.

    Ike Skelton was of the people, for the people, and certainly by the people.

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