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  • A House Divided Will Not Stand

    by Representative Chaka Fattah

    Posted on 2013-01-01

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    FATTAH asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Mr. FATTAH. It's a new year. For my youngest children, both will grow 1 year older this year. My daughter Chandler will turn 10, and my teenager, Cameron, will turn 15. Today, we know the birthday of the Emancipation Proclamation as we celebrate it here in Washington. Our country, hopefully, gains maturity as we go forward.

    We were reminded a long time ago that a House divided would not stand. We have to come together, and we should put away some of the nonsense of attacking the President for spending when our Founders when writing the Constitution gave the Congress control over the spending. In article I, section 9, clause 7, we control the spending. So if we want to back away from spending, we need to look in the mirror. In terms of this agreement, rather than curse the darkness, we should look at those who have lit the candle. When we can have a bipartisan vote of 89 Senators start this year off and move our country forward, we should rally behind them.

    I ask my colleagues to vote in favor of the agreement in order to move away from the cliff and continue to move our country towards greatness.


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