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  • A Father’s Love: In Honor of Brett Favre ``4’’ at the Retiring of His Number at Lambeau Field

    by Representative Reid J. Ribble

    Posted on 2015-12-07

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    RIBBLE of wisconsin in the house of representatives Monday, December 7, 2015 Mr. RIBBLE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in honor of Brett Favre, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame this past summer, and the halftime ceremony which took place on Thanksgiving retiring his number ``4'' at Lambeau Field. I submit this poem penned in his honor by Albert Carey Caswell.

    A Father's Love (By Albert Carey Caswell) The heart of a champion, and from where does it all so come And how is one so born into this among And where does such a splendid gift originate from And how may we pass on these gifts of love, to our sons For its only through our love and time, and life lessons find, what we have won For our days on this earth, are the shortest of all ones So cherish each moment with your sons For its all about what we leave behind, when all is said and done So who will we touch before our last suns To raise a son and instill in him all his of hopes and dreams, and values to come To bestow upon him all your gifts of love, to help him rise above One of our Lord's most precious gifts, is to raise a child of love No greater blessing on the wings of a dove Because a child is the brightest of all lights.

    Passing onto him all our wisdom and love.

    Watching him grow up into a fine man, is the culmination of all our dreams begun There was once a little boy sitting on his father's knee, as his dad spoke to him about his future dreams, and what he could be.

    ``listen my son, you are the one, believe'' ``And little man, you will go Favre and football is in your blood and she'll give you all you need!'' And from that first day as was completed, such a warm bond in hearts to succeed it A catch with dad, a fine Father and Son, as such a love story grew on fields of green Like Father like Son into this winning team As a father and a coach passed onto him his creed Showing him what he would need And what it was to be a man, hitting pay dirt in The Game of Life . . . TD A pat on the back, extending a warm hand, and respect to demand, to lead his heart towards his future dreams And throughout the years, those bumps and bruises here Nights at home with broken bones, and contusions as a love story grew so dear.

    Pop Warner, High School ball, and then a College comes to call, and soon the big leagues Brett's name would fear To be a Pro, at the Top, To Be The Best, as Brett's leadership they could not contest As the cream of the crop, is an almost impossible quest, to be in The Hall of Fame one day as one of The Very Best In football, the very heart of any team is but The Quarterback The point from which, all leadership on fields of green attacks Where the toughest of the tough react With only micro seconds to counteract, on coming mammoths of size and speed As all around you 300lb men come crashing in, trying to make you bleed And throughout the years, many great names have here played on fields of green Like Johnny Its U, The Young Man too, The Montana Man, In the Namath of Football whose legend grew, that Shaw of Football Terry too, and Peyton's Place, Marino, Captain Comeback Stauback, a Cool Brees, Brady, Rocket Rogers a list of greats he, and Bart a Star of the who's who And now its Brave Brett, that gunslinger with the quad threat history pursued And when we close the door on number ``4'' in The Hall of Fame him we will view A ``4'' threat man who can beat you with his feet, his arm, his head, and his heart too.

    Because on fields of green, Brett is one of greatest warriors seen SMASHING ALL KNOWN RECORDS AS HE DEEMED A gunslinger who could hit any target, dislocating receivers fingers on his team And it did not happen by luck or by circumstance, but because of a Father's Love which gave him the chance Who helped him shape his future dreams, as reflections of him in Brett are seen Because of this great love which convened.

    Which helped him weather the storms of life, when days turned mean.

    As he grew up strong and tall, to compete on those fields of green For Football is such a splendid game, where her life lessons with us remain Where a Father and Son's reflections, into future generation can be seen The year was 2003, as across our country a great love story was about to convene As the power of a Father and Son's love, our Nation was about to glean As Brett went deep on the TV screen Just like the Gipper of old, a new love story was about to unfold As a Nation for his son so grieved To win one for DAD on fields of green With tears in eyes, Brett showed us all why, in life what the most so really means As we saw what his Dad had given him, so deep down inside that which gleams Solid Gold, molding one of the greatest of all time so.

    Bringing tears to eyes In life, no greater victory can be achieved.

    Then the love of a parent and child believe From end to end, no greater drive could be conceived Sadly though, some children will never know such a friend so very deep To arm a child, with their love all the while to compete.

    To realize his dreams to seek Up in heaven this day Brett your Dad is working out a long term contract with Vince and our Lord for when you come up to play Where, you can walk with your Best Friend and talk football and go fishing once again.

    For Heaven my friends, is the real Super Bowl for all us to contend.

    And there can be no greater gift, then all of this in a child's heart to help him rise above And that's why In The Game of Life, Brett always went deep armed with his Father's Love.


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