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  • A Call to Action—Border Security

    by Representative Martha McSally

    Posted on 2015-02-04

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    McSALLY. Mr. Speaker, I really appreciate the opportunity today to spend some time with my colleagues to highlight an urgent and important issue that, quite frankly, should unite this body in a call to action.

    I represent Arizona's Second Congressional District, and that includes 80 miles of the southern border. Today, we are going to be talking about the importance of securing our border both in the south and in the north. My colleague here from New York will be speaking on that matter. We do have Chairman McCaul here who will be joining us, but I have just a couple of lead-in comments.

    I have spent a lot of time down at the border with our border residents and ranchers, and I can tell you the border is not secure. These people are daily taking risks for their families, for their livelihoods. This is a public safety risk, and this is a potential national security risk. Although some efforts have been taken, our border is not secure. We now have the opportunity to have a call to action to take the measures that are important in order to secure the border once and for all, which is impacting, again, the residents of my community.

    I am grateful that a bipartisan group of Members of Congress came down to visit our southern border just 10 days ago. We had 20 Members, plus myself, so they could see firsthand what our ranchers and border residents are dealing with in Arizona. The group, under the leadership of Chairman McCaul, whom I will ask to join us here in a minute, visited the San Diego sector, then came to our Tucson sector, and then moved on to also see the challenges in Texas. We got to see firsthand what is going on in each of these different sectors and to reinforce the fact that this is an urgent matter that we have to address. It should be a bipartisan and uniting issue.

    I have got lots of stories to share from the Tucson sector, but I have a number of colleagues who want to join in the conversation. I will first ask Chairman McCaul if he would like to join the discussion.

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