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  • 98Th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

    by Representative Sander M. Levin

    Posted on 2013-04-26

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    LEVIN of michigan in the house of representatives Friday, April 26, 2013 Mr. LEVIN. Mr. Speaker, I rise toady to commemorate the 98th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

    For far too long, too many have failed to properly acknowledge this tragedy, let alone commemorate it and honor the lives of its victims. Indeed, despite reams of historical evidence, the actions of the Ottoman Empire 98 years ago have often been labeled something other than what they actually were: genocide.

    In 1915, the government of the Ottoman Empire started a vicious and systematic campaign of genocide against the Armenian people. What began with the killing of 300 Armenian leaders ultimately resulted in the deaths of one and a half million people and the forced exile of another 500,000.

    The chilling scale of this tragedy demands that we continue to commemorate the Armenian Genocide, and remember those who were lost. Throughout my time in Congress, I have cosponsored House resolutions that have affirmed the U.S. record regarding the true nature of this ethnic extermination, and honored its victims and survivors.

    We must do all we can to ensure that the historical record contains the absolute truth--a commitment that will help fight against a sense of impunity. Through recognition and remembrance of the Armenian Genocide, we raise awareness of ``man's inhumanity to man,'' helping to stop similar tragedies from happening in the future.

    I respectfully request that all my colleagues join me today in honoring the victims and survivors of the Armenian Genocide.


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