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  • 100Th Anniversary of Sinclair Oil

    by Senator James E. Risch

    Posted on 2016-06-08

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    RISCH. Mr. President, today, on behalf of myself and Senator Mike Crapo, I wish to recognize and celebrate the 100th anniversary of Sinclair Oil Corporation. A family-owned company, Sinclair Oil is one of the oldest continuously operated brands in the oil business.

    On May 1, 1916, Harry F. Sinclair founded the Sinclair Oil and Refining Corporation. Three years later, the company had grown to four times its original size. In the 1920s, Sinclair introduced America to the ``first modern service station,'' providing people and families with a place to get an oil change, fix minor vehicle repairs, and public restrooms that motorists could use. By creating a modern service station, Sinclair paved the way for the American road trip.

    The Great Depression was a time of growth for Sinclair Oil as they bought companies that were going under. If not for Sinclair, these companies would have completely disappeared, taking away countless jobs and revenue for local communities. In 1930, Dino the Dinosaur became the company's mascot and logo. To this day, Dino remains a visible fixture in Idaho and all across the Rocky Mountain region. During World War II, Sinclair supported the Allies with high-octane fuel, tankers, and more.

    After Harry F. Sinclair retired as president in January 1949, the company had several different owners including Atlantic Richfield Company and PASCO, Inc., until 1976, when Robert Earl Holding acquired Sinclair Oil. Known for his steadiness and warmth, Earl Holding made Sinclair feel like a mom-and-pop business. Further testament to Earl Holding and his legacy, Dale Ensign, former executive president of Sinclair, once said ``the employees learned over a period of time that he would do what he said he would do.'' Earl Holding was actively involved in the management and leadership of Sinclair Oil until 2009. Currently, the Holding family continues to own and run the business under the leadership of Mr. Ross Matthews, CEO and chairman of the board of Sinclair Oil Corporation.

    Today Sinclair Oil Corporation includes more than 1,300 Sinclair- branded stations in 24 States, mostly west of the Mississippi River, and is the largest refinery operation in the Rocky Mountain region. In addition to being a fully integrated oil company, Sinclair also has hospitality and ranching ventures, including the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, the Little America hotels and travel centers, the Westgate Hotel in San Diego, and Sun Valley Resort in my home State, Idaho.

    So today we recognize Sinclair Oil Corporation for achieving this historic 100-year milestone and applaud their entire community for the contributions they have made to Idaho and across our country throughout the years. [[Page S3642]] ____________________

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