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Register as a constituent in your district and tell your representatives how to vote on issues important to you.

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Politically active citizens register their district and state and participate in modernizing the government by voting and posting opinions on upcoming bills. The Constituent organizes their votes and opinions to influence the representatives into action!

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Our Values


We recruit the most politcally active people in the world who register along all parts of the political spectrum. We demand a lot by requiring staff to view our platforms through a non-partisan lens.

Total Representation

We have the ability to affect legislation that impacts everyone. Because of this, we strive to promote all constituent opinions, even opinions from less followed members.

Better Representation

Helping constituents get their opinions heard is only half the mission. The other, is getting better representation. We will do that by helping reward good representatives and replacing bad ones with candidates from all parties.


There's strength in numbers. We will help you get your opinion heard by getting others from your district and state to support your message.

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